Lifeboat Coffee is the official coffee of people who love life, providing you with an exotic range of flavors and great tasting coffee. As we’re sure you’re aware, coffee is made different and tastes distinctive all around the world, whether grown in India, America, or Africa. This is dependant on the type of coffee beans, where they are grown, and how recently they have been ground.

There are few things quite as satisfying compared to tasting newly-acquired coffee from across the globe , whether that’s Columbian roasts, African Roasts, or Central American flavored coffee.

At Lifeboat coffee, we sell different coffelife e blends and roasts from all around the world, allowing you to try and love some of the most distinctive and delicious cups of joe. For example, in the South Pacific alone, we have a mix of Port of Jakarta Sumatran Gayo, Port of Morseby Wild- Grown Papua New Guinea, Intercontinental Blend PNG & Honduran, and others.

Whatever your acquired taste, we’ve got a coffee for you – enriching your palette, allowing you to experience new flavors, and satisfying those taste buds first thing in the morning. We recommend sampling a coffee bundle, experimenting and tasting various flavors from different countries, finding what you like, tying new tastes, and keeping your taste buds on their toes.

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