If you know your coffee, you’ve probably heard about Koa coffee. It is a robust, delicious and aromatic coffee that has won numerous awards and respect in the coffee world, including winning the “Best Coffee in America” award by Forbes.

Koa is a type of Kona coffee – if you’re confused by the two names, don’t worry, it’s not a typo. Kona coffee is a species of coffee that is only grown in Hawaii on the Kona Coffee Belt, which is situated on the fertile slopes of the Hualali and Mauna Loa volcanoes that are 500-3000 feet above sea level. This is said to be the best coffee growing region in the world, with the fertile volcanic earth and ideal weather working happily together to nurture coffee plants that produce coffee beans widely celebrated as one of the highest quality in the world.

If you fancy your coffee with less acidity and a smoother taste, then Koa coffee is probably the perfect choice for you. Despite being smooth, it is by no means weak – it has a strong body, sweet and mellow tasting with a hint of fruity flavors and fantastic aromatic qualities that remind you of a hawaiian vacation in the sunshine. The Koa coffee brand produces a wide variety of coffee roasts and blends using the Kona bean as the main product. The 3 main blends that are the most popular are listed below:

1. Private Reserve Kona Coffee

With full details of this delicious blend being kept a proprietary secret, it’s certainly one that we’d bring to the grave. The aroma of the beans itself is enough to put a smile on your face even before you pour in the water. An absolute customer favorite!

2. Grande Domaine Kona Coffee

This is the creme de la creme of the Koa coffee range – winning the Kona Coffee Cupping contest for its outstanding quality and balance. This Vienna roast bean is
blended with a smattering of Peaberry Kona, known to be the rarest Kona Coffee in the world, ensuring that you get only the best flavors of Hawaii in your coffee cup.

3. Estate Kona Coffee

This is a single origin coffee that grows at high elevations – meaning you get only the purest flavors in your coffee cup. It is available in both medium and dark roasts, and as a whole bean or ground coffee if you prefer the convenience of not having to grind them yourself.

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