How to make Turkish coffee – the traditional way using a cezve or ibrik (coffee pot). Authentic and delicious – once the preserve of the Ottoman lands – Turkish style coffee (Türk kahvesi) is now enjoyed all over the world.


Hi there! I’m going to show you one of the most delicious ways to make coffee – TURKISH COFFEE!! Turkish coffee goes by several names – which vary from region to region (Türk kahvesi, Turska kava, qahwa, Bosanska kava, turecká káva, turek). Everyone has their own style of making it, and each style produces different results. Remember, the most authentic and correct way to brew coffee is the way that you like it best.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– a metal pot (also known as a cezve or ibrik) – preferably made from copper, but other metals are fine
– some grounded coffee
– and if you like, some sugar (sugar is optional)

It’s important to use medium roasted and finely ground coffee. This is absolutely essential! You can buy this from most supermarkets and delicatessens. The coffee needs to be ultra-fine – like powder – Or, you can just grind the coffee beans yourself. If you do grind them, make sure it’s powdered – like flour – otherwise the texture of the coffee won’t be right. I’m making coffee for three so I’m filling the pot with three of these cups of water (these are Turkish coffee cups……. which are like espresso cups but with vertical sides). The water I’m using is room temperature. I’m adding three tea spoons of sugar – one for each person. Let the sugar sink to the bottom without stirring. As it heats, the sugar will caramelise and disperse through the water, which will give it a very palatable taste. Add one heaped teaspoon of coffee for each person. You can vary this according to your preference. If you like your coffee strong, add a little extra. Place the pot on the stove with low heat. Don’t stir just yet. Let it heat up for a minute or two and then stir slowly.

After a few minutes the coffee will come to the boil. Notice the ring of foam forming at the top. Remove the pot from the heat before it overflows. Spoon a little of the foam into each cup, before returning the pot to the stove. For most aficionados of Turkish coffee, this is a benchmark of quality. The more foam, the better the coffee. When the coffee froths up a second time, remove the pot and pour the coffee, with the remaining froth, into the cups. Do this nice and slowly so that you preserve the texture of the crema – the foam already in the cups. Turkish coffee is best served with a glass of water to clear the palate before taking your first sip. This will allow you to really enjoy the rich flavour of the coffee.

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