If you know about brands such as Royal Kona Coffee, LION Coffee, Royal Hawaiian Coffee and Hawaiian Islands Teas, there’s a chance that you’ve heard about the Hawaii Coffee Company. They are the largest roaster of Kona Coffee in the world and are popularly known as Hawaii’s leading coffee bean supplier to the Island’s many restaurants, hotels and stores.

Following the concept of Ohana (which means family), the Hawaii Coffee Company is a family of sister companies that work together to provide the world’s best Hawaiian Kona Coffee and Tea blends to be both served to the residents of this tropical island and exported to the rest of the world for people to enjoy the unique taste of Hawaii.

At the core of the Hawaii Coffee Company, the spirit of Aloha is embodied in everything the company does, from seed to bean – every step of the coffee making process is treated with utmost care, resulting in a unique species of Kona coffee which is known worldwide as one of the best tasting and highest quality in the world (and one of the most expensive, too!).

The fertile, mineral-rich volcanic soil the coffee plants are grown on and the glorious hawaiian tropical weather also play no small part in the world-renowned quality of the Kona coffee beans that the Hawaiian Coffee Company produces. By sustainably purchasing the Kona coffee cherries grown by hundreds of farmers in the high-elevation Kona district (where Kona coffee plants are grown), the Hawaii Coffee Company ensures that every farmer – who is essential to the Kona Coffee industry – is paid fair prices, which puts millions of dollars into the farming communities of Hawaii.

A coffee mill owned by the Hawaii company in the same Kona district then processes the coffee cherries through a wet milling process, resulting in the green Kona coffee beans which will then be roasted to produce different varieties of coffee. These beans are then packaged and sent across the supply chain through the Hawaii Coffee Company’s trusted partners to be distributed locally and internationally.

With its long history and unique Hawaiian spirit, the Hawaii Coffee Company looks set to create a niche for Kona coffee all around the world, with its full line of Hawaii Coffee products available for purchase online at HawaiiCoffeeCompany.com – giving you a taste of that sunshine in Hawaii right from the comfort of your own home.

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