Do you have a Nespresso machine at home? If you’re like me, the convenience of owning a machine that makes a cup of my delicious morning espresso while I brush my teeth or put my shirt on is my definition of a glorious start to the day.

This convenience, however, comes at a cost – Nespresso capsules are priced at about $0.70 to $0.75 cents on average, more for the premium specials they release ever so often. In addition to the maintenance (descaling, machine cleaning), these costs can really add up if you enjoy having a few more espresso drinks throughout the day on top of your usual morning cuppa.

Because of this, there have been companies that have quickly sprouted up to produce espresso capsules that are Nespresso machine-compatible. These capsules are cheaper and because of the high competition, prices are only set to lower in the coming years. Gourmesso is one such company that produces Nespresso compatible espresso capsules at a lower price – at $0.50 per pod, that is a significant amount in savings, especially if you’re a coffee addict (like yours truly).

But the most important question is – how do they taste? Does it match up to the Nespresso quality? I ran a few tests to see if it is really worth the savings – and the
results might surprise you. Read on below to find out.

1. Taste
The first test was the most important one of all – the taste test. In general, I felt that the Gourmesso capsules were slightly lacking in terms of strength as compared to the Nespresso ones. If you like your coffee milk-based like a cappuccino or a flat white, it’s recommended to use less milk than usual lest your coffee tastes too weak.

However, if flavour is your number one consideration, there’s no need to worry as the Gourmesso pods are surprisingly tasty, and can be considered one of the best alternatives to Nespresso available on the market today.

2. Aroma
Nothing beats the smell of freshly-brewed espresso in the morning. And the Gourmesso capsules do not disappoint – the aroma is strong, fresh and comparable to that of a Nespresso capsule, and the variety of different flavors that Gourmesso offers only adds to the experience.

3. Convenience
Gourmesso can be found easily, through both online retailers and major supermarkets across the U.S. You can spot them in the same shelves as Nespresso, and probably alongside other competitor brands as well – although my experience has proved that Gourmesso truly outshines its competition in every aspect.

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