For those short on time or bored of sipping the same cup of joe, eat your coffee is for you. Eat your coffee is a conveniently sized snack bar, allowing you to effectively “eat your coffee.” With the same great taste, packed full of flavor, nutrients, and energy, you’ll not only reap the benefits of regular coffee, but you’ll quench and satisfy your hunger, too.

The eat your coffee bar is great for those traveling, perhaps without access to hot water, a great snack during work between meetings, and a must-have in the lunchbox. The compact, but great tastings bars are available in different coffee flavors, whether you prefer a latte, espresso, or black coffee – we’ve got you covered.

Ditch the cup, forget boiling the kettle, and opt for the eat your coffee bar, a convenient, tasty, and energy-rich snack. Oh, and be sure to pack more than one, because they’re just that good…

Eat Your Coffee is an organic and tasty coffee. BUY NOW

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