Over the last couple of years, CBD products have seen a massive shift in public opinion and the industry itself has been a happy recipient of huge investment capital, with billions of dollars alone being pumped into the development of CBD-infused drinks and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike.

At the start of the burgeoning cannabis boom, CBD products were initially manufactured as capsules, tinctures or vape liquids – due to restrictions from government and local state laws. Today, the skyrocketing demand for CBD products has prompted the industry to look for different ways to package cannabis-based products, with food and drink being the next big thing in CBD manufacturing and their popularity is only set to increase in the coming years.

CBD coffee is one such thing that has made it on the radar of CBD consumers, and for good reason too. There are millions of coffee drinkers worldwide, and what better than to mix the highly therapeutic effects of CBD with the enjoyment of a hot cup of coffee?

Whether you like it black, or fancied up in an iced frappe with whipped cream on top, CBD coffee proves to have numerous physical and mental benefits that can be great for daily coffee drinkers and the general consumer alike. Read on below to find out if it is really for you.

1. The Pros

CBD coffee is simply just coffee grounds or whole beans that have CBD oil added to them. The CBD itself contains natural antioxidants that increase brain function, provides an energy boost while decreasing anxiety, pain and depression. Coffee is known to stimulate our nervous system, and helps us stay alert and focused. However, overconsumption of coffee increases our heartbeat and is likely to cause headaches – which is why the positive CBD effects tackle these symptoms and keeps you in an alert, yet calm state of mind while going about your day.

Some people have reported that the feeling that they get after consuming CBD coffee is a slightly numb, yet comfortable feeling of clarity – much like consuming tiny doses of antidepressants that take the edge off especially if you live and work in a high-stress environment like a big city.

2. The Cons

One of the major things to note if you’re planning on adding CBD to your daily coffee is the fact that it almost doubles the price of your cuppa – at an average of $3 to $5 extra if you order a CBD version of your favorite soy latte or ristretto cappuccino. Even for ready-made CBD infused beans and ground coffee, it’s wise to consider what you can afford before committing to this as a regular thing.

Also, if you do a lot of sports on a daily basis, a daily CBD coffee might not be great for your performance. Even though it is therapeutic and has a lot of purported good benefits to the mental and physical state, having a CBD coffee in the middle of the day before a big sports event might cause you to feel sluggish and perform slightly worse than you expect to.

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