Are you thinking about getting an espresso machine for your home?

I’m talking about the real deal – the symphonic sound of the grinding coffee beans, compressing the grounds tightly in a portafilter and having pressurized hot water eventually turn those grounds into the aromatic black liquid we all know and love. If this is what you pictured – an alternative to nespresso, congratulations on taking your first step down the rabbit hole!

Buying a home espresso machine takes quite a bit of research and consideration – otherwise you might end up with a not-so-great machine that totally messes up your coffee making and drinking experience and that will lead to a lot of frustration (not to mention all those wasted coffee grounds or worse, wasted CBD coffee!). A home barista is only as good as the tools he has at his command, so it’s worth keeping that in mind before you go out to the store to get the very first machine you see that’s on sale.

With that said, we’ve done the comparing for you so you don’t have to – read on below to see our list of the 5 best espresso machines that your money can buy today.

1. Breville BES870XL Espresso Machine

With all its buttons and knobs on the front panel, this machine looks like it makes some seriously high-tech specialty coffee. And it seems like the average 4.5 star rating on Amazon really proves that it does.

Due to the many features that come with a machine this advanced, there might be a steep learning curve to using this machine effectively, so keep that in mind before you realise your dream of making your own craft latte that only your favorite barista at the specialty local cafe can do.

2. Saeco Incanto Plus Espresso Machine

A highly popular brand in coffee machines, this particular one from Saeco features 100% ceramic grinders that guarantee robust coffee grounds that don’t lose any of their flavor.

3. Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

This 3-in-1 Coffee maker makes espressos, cappuccinos and lattes simple for those who just want a machine that gets the job done without having to cycle through all sorts of different settings. The pump system features 15 bars of pressure that produces a rich and intense espresso to be used in any coffee drink you desire. The automatic milk frother makes it easy to get silky smooth milk for your lattes and cappuccinos and the parts are easily disassembled when it’s time to clean.

4. Sowtech Espresso Machine

The Sowtech espresso machine is easy to use, operated by just a single switch knob that controls all its functions. The frothing arm on the side makes velvety smooth milk that you can use for your coffee drinks. It makes about 1-4 cups of espresso per pull, enough to serve a small group (or just yourself, if you drink that much!)

5. Saeco HD8924 PicoBaristo

The Saeco PicoBaristo’s ceramic grinders guarantee coffee ground quality for 20,000 cups of coffee. The inbuilt AquaClean water filter delivers 5000 cups of coffee before having to descale your espresso machine. The automatic milk frother produces smooth and silky milk and froth at one touch, ensuring you get the highest quality coffee beverage from this espresso machine.

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